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The Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that advertisers spent $5.8 billion in the first quarter of 2008 on Internet-based advertising, up 18.2% from the year-earlier period.     1
A recent SEMPO study stated that as much as 53% of advertisers outsource their organic SEO because it is to hard to stay up-to-date with best practices in-house. 37% say they don’t have the right tools, and 33% say they get more bang for their buck with an outside provider.   2
» If you answered Yes to any of above questions, consider:
Many Professional Services firms try to add SEO Services in-house only to find that it is very labor intensive, low profit, and requires a mix of skills and experience not related to their core business model.
Many firms experience initial success with SEO only to find that original results fall back to pre-SEO levels which leads to declining rates of client loyalty and satisfaction.
Many firms who try to provide SEO Services soon realize that they must devote considerable time and cost to keeping up with the ever-changing nature of Search Engine technologies which is not part of their core business model.
Many firms performing SEO lack an easy to understand scorecard reporting system that allows them to show progress, trends and goal measurement to their clients.
» How does SEO Panda’s SERG to the TOP program work?
How can SEO Panda help your professional services firm reduce your cost of doing SEO while also adding or growing new revenue streams to your existing business?
SERG which stands for Search Engine Research Gaps isolates ranking problems with a comprehensive gap analysis based on professional keyword analysis. SEO Panda then completes a comprehensive professional keyword analysis. A customized SERG Scorecard is created as an easy to read tool for measuring and monitoring your SEO Progress. A customized web-based Conversion Analysis tool is then integrated into the process to determine cost benefit and guide your actions. Monthly web reporting is setup so that you and your client can view the results in real-time.
» What are the Benefits of Joining SEO Panda Partnership Program?
Our Partnership Program allows you to involve or integrate SEO Panda at any or all phases in your web site optimization project. You benefit by using an out of the box, proven SEO Program to meet your client needs, while also increasing your service revenue that results from the use SERG to TOP in your professional practice. In terms of compensation, you receive a minimum of 15% on the project set up fees which can range from $2,500 to $10,000 plus 15% of with on-going recurring revenue from the on-going monthly fees for the life of the project which is a minimum of six for Jump Start Program and twelve months for full program.

A small percentage of designers and developers actually optimize pages for the search engines. Most search engine optimization is done after the fact, if at all. It is estimated that as much as 60% of all sites are not properly optimized to rank high in the search engine.
Below is an actual example of current results achieved by use of our SERG to the Top Program with a current client. Blue bars are page views and green bars are unique visitors. The results after application of SEO Panda: more than doubled unique visitor traffic from May 2008 to August 2008. Total unique visitors grew from almost 0 in February to 18,000 in August
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SERG Click here to view an example of our SERG to the TOP Gap Analysis Scorecard
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